A strange woman lands with her spaceship on a quite desert island of Northen sea from the Future.

Exploring the island meet tree strange girls and they start a particular conversation...



Concept, Camera: Anita Scianó, Elena Agulla Gil

Editing: Anita Scianò

Direction: Anita Scianò

Effects: Raphael Foulon Postproduction: Ramesh Palamisamy

Starring: Marion Plouviez

Dancers: Teya Quarmyne, Ludmilla Schemak, Vanessa Lonau

Songwriting And Vocals: Marion Plouviez Music: Vasiliki Farmaki

Sound Engineering and Music Production (Song): Benjamin Mathieu Music

Production Intro and Outro Guitars: J-JD



#FLYE19 is funded by the EU programme Erasmus+ and by the City of Cologne. Special thanks for friendly support to Evangelische Schüler*innenarbeit im Rheinland e. V., Yamaha Music Europe GmbH, Hostel Weltempfänger Kologne, Alte Feuerwache Köln and Medienzentrale des Erzbistums Köln. FLYE19 is a #RRCGN project; international partners include SMouTh Larissa/Greece, GAIN Liverpool/UK, KITKC Kaunas/Lithuania, ARA Roubaix near Lille/France and CCC Florence/Italy. www.rrcgn.de/flye19 The content of this video does not reflect the official opinion of the funders or the organisations involved. Responsibility for the information and views expressed herein lies entirely with the authors. © 2019 ROOTS & ROUTES Cologne e. V., the international partners and ROOTS & ROUTES network and all artists involved